The culinary tradition of Romagna is a source of pride appreciated in every corner of the world, St. Moritz offers to the guests a sweet awakening to start the day with a smile full of surprises, sea and fun. Breakfast includes pastries, pies, cookies, meats, cheeses, rich coffee drinks, fruit juices and all that your imagination can desire, served in an inviting buffet full of energy and taste.
    Lunch and dinner are continuing on the tracks of abundance and quality, meat and fish served daily in a rich and lavish buffet at the restaurant inside the hotel. No limit for foodies, bis and tris are routine. The varied menu offers a very wide choice of specialties, selected from the best of Romagna and international repertoire.
    For the delight of gourmets, our staff will delight you with excellent fresh pastas, tasty vegetarian dishes to satisfy every taste, special main courses and delicious desserts. At St. Moritz we used to take our guests to the throat, if you can’t give up good food and the pleasures of the palate, then this is the place for you.
    For our younger guests (and to assist new mothers), we set up a small room, bright and private, where you can have lunch and dinner with your small baby, to reserve them a quiet place free of distractions.
    Every day we try to spoil you with amenities and comforts like our beautiful and large swimming pool (one of the largest in Bellaria Igea Marina!), heated and equipped with the large solarium, fitness corner, play area and restaurant, the beautiful breakfast room and a bar with outdoor tables.
    The hotel offers the following services:
    – 24 hour reception,
    – Transfer up and down to the airport or station (extra)
    – Luggage Storage,
    – free Wi- fi,
    – Lift,
    – TV room,
    – Free outdoor parking but unguarded,
    – Bicycles available , subject to availability .
    We specialize in the care of your children and your family creating a hotel designed to satisfy the needs of families.