Situated halfway between Rimini and Milano Marittima , surrounded by major shopping centers like Cervia, Cesena, Cesenatico , Ravenna, Santarcangelo and Riccione, Bellaria is located in a strategic position in the beating heart of Romagna, rich of events , clubs , playground parks, restaurants and pizzerias among the most renowned in Italy and situated near the sea that was the prime reason of fortune , and a very important success in the touristic market .
    On the coast, divided into private beaches and free beaches , unfolds a pleasant and efficient sitting in the open, where you can relax under the sun or doing lot of sports and recreational activities , including playgrounds , swimming pools , whirlpools , small fitness centers, play areas and mini club for children, festivals , music and dance 24 hours no stop, entertainment and events that move with constant stimuli and interesting days for tourists. Beach is, every year, a Blue Flag, a prestigious award that rewards quality of services and water .
    Sailing Club and Golf Club are excellent, very appreciated by professionals and novices , for lovers of cycling there are beautiful trails along the river USO .
    The old town is built around the elegant “Isola dei Platani “, the main artery of the city promenade , between green , shops , cafes, and the “up and down” of tourists and residents that color the streets of Bellaria.
    The port contains the real soul of the original fishing village, the place of work of sailors and fishmongers who are trafficking from 800 quality fish in the area of the Adriatic Sea .
    This area is famous also for the playground parks of Romagna , one of the most beautiful and admired in Europe: Aquafan , Oltremare, Little Italy, Fiabilandia, Mirabilandia and Le Navi Aquarium .
    The hinterland sometimes is little known to the great mass of tourists but preserves small and bright jewelry. Villages , fortresses and castles embedded in the green hills on rugged rocky cliffs or perched on the first peaks preappenniniche : the ancient Republic of San Marino , San Leo fortress in which the ambiguous Count Cagliostro ended his days , Montebello the famous castle for the ghost of Azzurrina, Montefiore with the imposing Malatesta and Santarcangelo , where every year in July, held the Festival Theatre .


    Rimini is a dream immortalized in Fellini’s films and glamorous images of the most famous clubs in Europe, in the exciting music of the disco overlooking the promenade , in the sweet life of happyness , the bright colors of the beaches scented of salt and ”piadina”, in the sunsets crossed by sailboats, yachts , motor boats and the cutter carrying tourists on short cruises along the coast . Rimini is also something else, is the meeting point of three important Roman roads : Emilia , Flaminia and Popilia ; was the Roman outpost against the advance of the Gauls , a symbol and the celebration of the imperial power , with the triumphal Arch of Augustus , Tiberius Bridge , the theater , the amphitheater and the remains of a beautiful and aristocratic villa of a doctor coming from Eastern World , decorated with an impressive array of mosaics and precious jewel of a collection , unique in the world for its completeness and importance of surgical instruments. Rimini was the pride of a skilful and courageous leader ; a cultured , refined called intellectual Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta . A little eccentric and a bit heretic , impatient with the rules and authority , called Leon Battista Alberti to build not just a church , but a church where Christianity and paganism shaking hands , challenging the patience and the honor of Pope Pius II Piccolomini , who did not hesitate to resort to excommunication.
    But the beauty of Rimini does not end here, you can admire Castel Sigismondo , Square Tre Martiri , Square Cavour, Palace Gambalunga , Palace Garambi , Pigna fountain , the clock tower, the shrine of St. Anthony, the Old Fishmarket , theater Amyntor Galli …


    Rimini is also home of the most impressive and modern exhibition centers in Europe, 450,000 square meters of exhibition halls and conference rooms , which host a full calendar of some of the most important specialized reviews of the entire planet , ranging from gastronomy , sport , tourism , engines , ecology and the environment. Unmissable events which attract thousands of visitors every season of every age and class .